We are deeply grateful for the financial and in-kind service support of our donors. Their generous donations help cover our administrative costs and directly impact the lives of vulnerable youth.

2018-2020 DONORS

Alliance Bank

AMICA Rockwall

Bounce ‘N’ More, LLC

Corona Dynamics, LLC

CVS Pharmacy

High View Learning Center

Farmers Electric Charitable Foundation

Lake Pointe Church

McGuireWoods LLP

Niagara Bottling, Inc

Professional Fundraising Counsel

Rockwall Women’s League

Ross Stores, Inc

Sunny HQ

The Fite Agency

Vince M. Vela, Esq.


Wells Fargo Bank, Kaufman Branch

Annette Anderson

Stephen and Christine Anderson

David and Tammy Bollman

Angelia Bowman

Katie Brugger

Dave and Stacey Christensen

Stephen and Melanie Cobb

Mary Cobbs

Nancy Cordero

Danielle Dandridge

Mary Demmitt

Jacque Dingman

Erin Figert

Cindy Frederickson

Danny and Kimm Freisner

Angela Furguson

Kay Garrett

Joe and Stefanie Gentile

Amy Gillentine

Saralyn Hanford

Fay Headley

Andi Hemann

Jenny Hendricks

Michael and Joanna Hensley

John Henson

Heidi Herndon

Natalie Hill

Angie Hutton

Long Huynh

Joyce Jeffery

David Kelbley

Graden Keller

Sheldon and Candice Kidder

Marcia Larsen

Kim Mayo

Pamela McIntyre

Sandra McKenzie

Marlene Moehler

Dusty and Nicola Montelongo

Kathleen Moser

Brad and Stephanie Nance

Yvonne Noel

Tom and Nicki Nynas

Vineta Partridge

Suzanne Pyburn

John and Angkana Rhodes

Garrett and Jamie Rice

Michaelle Rudd

Lana Salverson

Bob and Letha Samuel

Stephanie Sikorski

Scott and Krista Sitterle

Ashley Smith

Dixie Smith

Wesley Solomonraj

Blakley Sullivan

David and Cindy Sumrall

Lacy Stovall

Jennifer and Bill Tartar

Myla Tebbutt

Crista Thomas

Brittany Tillison

Vicki Wallace

Shawn Washington

Lana Wilcoxson

Clay and Stephanie Wilcoxson

Keith and Cathy Woodson

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